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EU Package Travel Directive

All EU member states had to implement the new EU-package travel directive in their national law by 2018-01-01 and enforce it since 2018-07-01. Since then, there are certain informational obligations towards the traveller concerning passport, visa and vaccination regulations. As it is hardly possible to find out all relevant information needed in travel consultation manually, Passolution offers a central data base. This data base is connected to tour operator, front- and backoffice systems via an API and therefore provides the required data at the right time. Simple to use and available at any time, this data base facilitates the implementation of the pre-contractual informational duties of numerous travel agencies, tour operators and OTAs already.

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With our services you are well prepared even in times of the coronavirus. We keep you up to date with the latest changes that are currently keeping the entire industry in check. We want to help and give you two free trial months if you choose our product now.

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The web version of our database is your central point of contact! Quickly and reliably, you can access Passolution’s entry-, visa- and vaccination regulations via anytime and anywhere. Select your destination and nationality conveniently using the free text search, the country code or the drop-down list, select the desired output language of the information and send your request. You already have everything you need – in a matter of seconds, at a glance!

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Are you a Travel Agency, Tour Operator or an OTA?

We offer the solution to you! Through the connection of your front-/backoffice provider with our system, we can provide you with the necessary data on call. If required, we additionally provide you with a web version of our data base where you can retrieve all information.

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Not only numerous travel agencies and reputable tour operators are our partners, but also different software providers give us their trust – we serve the whole tourism industry.

“Since the data is delivered via the back-office software, our consultants can also benefit from it.”

SASCHA NITSCHE • solamento

“The industry needs a central solution. Via the API we can deliver the data to our myJACK customers.”


“Passolution offers an innovative solution to the new information requirements of the Package Travel Directive.”


“The EU Package Travel Directive currently raises many questions. It’s a good thing somebody’s offering initial solutions.”


“Passolution helps us implement the pre-contractual duty to inform.”

JOACHIM MONSKI • paxconnect

“Passolution is a young and dynamic start-up that has built an innovative solution to the pre-contractual information requirement that comes along with the EU-Package Travel Directive.”