Frequently Asked Questions

Travel agencies receive a two-weeks special right to termination after contract closure. After the activation through Passolution they can therefore test the data service for 14 days. In case of termination within these 14 days, no costs are arising.

On 28.01.2019, we published an update of the web-database, which will make your use a lot easier and more comfortable. You will have the possibility to adapt your customer data and to generate the entry regulations even faster by means of personalized query fields.

Find out about all changes in our Documentation.

IMPORTANT: The general data retrieval process has not changed – you can retrieve the information in the usual way by selecting a target area, nationality and output language.

At the moment, it is not possible to change the login password.

No – the only mandatory fields to fill in for a data request are the destination, the nationality and the demanded language. The fields for the booking number and the travel date were implemented for the process of a repeated request of data. They are useful for comparing two data sets, for example the version that was provided to the customer at the time of booking compared to the version that is up-to-date right before the travel commencement.