One central solution

Passolution – that’s us: A start-up based in Cologne, Germany, which has rapidly developed a successful business model built on a vision. Founded in autumn 2017, we could already win the confidence of numerous customers and, in cooperation with big partners, establish our name in the tourism industry.

The basic thought: It is impossible to know all the entry regulations for more than 198 nationalities.

Our idea: We enlist this information in one central data base in a clear, easily understandable and filterable way. Available at any time, our service does not only facilitate the realisation of the EU-package travel directive, but also presents itself as a holistic and reliable source with detailed additional information for tour operators and travel agencies.

You are interested in our service?

We offer the solution to you! Through the connection of your front-/backoffice provider with our system, as well as with our web version, we facilitate the implementation of the pre-contractual informational duties in your everyday working life.

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