Update of the web version to 28.01.2019

Recently we have simplified the operation of our database thanks to a revised version of the search mask – with the possibility of full text search and simultaneous query of several destinations and nationalities. And now we’re taking the usability of Passolution to the next level with another new feature: On 28.01.2019 we’ll release an update of the web version that brings a lot of practical new features. In a personal login area you will then have the opportunity to make various settings that will make your work with our tool even easier.

Open and close the news in the info system
In our information system we keep you up to date on the latest changes to our data records. This way you always have the latest information when entry modalities change or when certain local events could affect a trip. 

In order to keep a better overview in this news ticker, we have now added the function that you can open and close individual messages – the “down arrow” or “up arrow” next to the texts ensures that. You can also use the arrow symbols at the top right to open or close all messages at once:

New menu item “MY ACCOUNT”
This menu item takes you to your personal area where you can make the settings explained below.

Changing the address data
In the “MY ACCOUNT” area you can view your customer data and change it if necessary. If, for example, your address changes, you can enter your new data by clicking on the “change” button:

After saving, these changes will be automatically changed in Passolution’s customer system, so that you do not have to inform us about your changes again.

Presentation and use of the web version in German, English and Dutch
You may have already noticed that we want to internationalize our service by using the various output languages of our data records, which have been selectable for some time now. However, this step does not only mean that the data itself can be played out in different languages, but also that the web version can be used in several languages. For this reason, you can now also access the web version of Passolution in English or Dutch and make your queries in one of these languages.

Setting the standard language of the web version
You can also set the default language in which you would like to use the web version – currently German and Dutch are available in addition to English:

Setting the standard language for data delivery
Here you can set in which language you want to play the entry, visa and vaccination regulations by default. Of course, you can still select the output language for each query despite this setting.

Creating your own favorites for the target area
Do you have favourite destinations that are frequently requested? Simply save your personal favourites for separate display by selecting them via “add”. Then assign any sequence using Drag & Drop:

These countries already appear in the selection list at the top of the search mask:

Create your own favorites for the nationality
Would you like to select a specific nationality with just one click? No problem. Save your favorite nationalities according to the same principle:


You can also query your favourite nationalities with just one click: